Caroline Kostak

Area Manager, Dallas, TX

After an awesome career as a flight controller for NASA’s Space Shuttle and International Space Station programs, Caroline has turned her attention to more earthly matters — keeping homes out of the Houston landfills. Since leaving NASA she has worked with the Northwest Harris County Habitat for Humanity, helping to move their warehouse, set up a new store and improve the organization’s deconstruction services. To all of her projects, Caroline brings team leadership skills, a visionary perspective and the desire to live more lightly on the earth.

With Caroline’s help, you can …

• Accomplish your construction goals while ensuring the continued life of the reusable materials. Whether you’re planning a small remodeling project or a complete teardown, contact Caroline for a friendly, factual explanation of the process.

• Receive a tax deduction for donated building materials, significantly reducing, or totally offsetting, the cost of deconstruction.

• Connect with some of the finest contractors in Dallas.

• Join Caroline’s growing network of homeowners, building owners, contractors, architects, interior designers, developers, environment advocates, government officials and planning-department professionals committed to reducing waste through C&D recovery and reuse.

How the deconstruction model works: 

How the deconstruction model works

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Wall Street Journal article "The Demolition Discount"

The Wall Street Journal | Real Estate December 21, 2012

Scott and Pamela Weiss paid a little under $5 million for a home in Palo Alto, Calif., last year. Come tax time, they expect to get back about $66,000 for tearing it down.

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